Posted by: SB Websites | March 20, 2010

20/03/10 News Update

703 to Beamish

The Lancastrian Transport Trust have announced that their Balloon Car 703 is to go to Beamish on a 5 year loan. The tram will receive Sunderland Corporation Red and Cream which is completely fictional for the tram but is likely to prove popular with Sunderland being near the museum. The tram is currently in the paint shop at Blackpool and in June it is expected to be taken to Beamish.


626 – Returning to service for 2010 as a driver trainer and reserve passenger tram is 626. The tram has received the lower half cream and upper half green.

632 – Also returning to service is 632 which is expected to receive 1970s half cream and half green. The tram will receive roof advert boxes advertising the new Blackpool Tram Shop on the entrance to North Pier.

641 – Now repainted into Orange after the advert for Orion Bingo.

720 – Following completion this tram has been painted all over white.

723 – After the error of removing some lower panels they have been refitted and repainted into the same 1980s Green and Cream.


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