Posted by: SB Websites | April 13, 2010

13/04/10 News Update

Trams Return

After a long Winter with no trams in service trams have now returned to the Promenade with mainly Centenary Cars operating the full length Pleasure Beach to Cleveleys service. Only 5 trams are needed for the timetabled service with the oddest working being Trawler 737 seeing use on numerous days. Specials have usually been highest on weekends with 147, 602, 604 and 706 seeing use although weekday specials have been limited with numerous days seeing only a few or no specials at all. Here are a few weekday operations:

Tuesday 6th:

Service – 631, 643, 645, 646 and 737

Specials – 647, 717, 724

Wednesday 7th:

Service – 641, 643, 644, 646, 647

Specials – 642, 648, 717, 721, 724

Tram Driving Experience – 672+682

Monday 12th:

Service – 642, 644, 646, 647, 648

Twin 672+682 was on a Tram Driving Experience Course on the 7th April but is not thought the tram was in passenger service after the course finished.

Newly painted 641 is now all over orange with black paint around the windows. The black paint resembles fixed glazing from a distance making the tram look fairly modern.

More Photos can be found by clicking on this link : Blackpool Tram Photos

No Conductors

For around 7 weeks the tramway will have no conductors on timetabled journeys. This will servilely limit the amount of trams available for timetabled journeys as only Centenary and Jubilee cars can operate driver only.


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