Posted by: SB Websites | April 25, 2010

25/04/10 News Update

646 Receives New Vinyls

Centenary 646 has received revised Paul Gaunt Vinyls. Although this is not a totally new livery as 646 has not been repainted, the pictures of sofas are now smaller and a cream stripe along the top of the tram has been added.

Below is a photo of the revised vinyls:

703 Nears Completion

Balloon 703  is nearing completion of it’s repaint into Sunderlamd Tramways Red and Cream. After completion enthusiast tours are expected to happen in Blackpool and around the middle of June 703 will leave for Beamish.

632 also in the Paint Shop

The return of 632 is also getting closer with the tram currently being painted into 1980s Green and Cream. As the return is partly for Videoscene, roof advert boxes will be fitted promoting the new Blackpool Tram Shop at North Pier.

Below shows which trams were in service on the 24th April:

Cleveleys Service – 626, 643, 644, 646, 648

Specials –  147, 602, 604, 642, 647

The appearance of 626 on Cleveleys Service was very unexpected as the tram cannot operate driver only and is classed as a reserve.


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