Posted by: SB Websites | May 17, 2010

17/05/10 News Update

Repaints Completed

The repaint to Brush 632 and Balloon 703 have now been completed and the trams have moved out of the paint shop. However, neither tram has been totally completed as 632 still needs to be fitted with 622’s trucks and roof advert boxes while 703 needs Sunderland destination blinds and “Shop at Binns” slogan above the destination box.

4 Trams to Wirral?

In the past couple of weeks Merseytravel are thought to be negotiating the purchase of  4 Blackpool Trams although details of these are not yet known. The reason for this purchase is that the tramway is due to have extensions being build meaning more trams would be required.



  1. The trams for Wirral have not been bought by Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society, but by Merseytravel, who are taking over the tramway, Pacific Road and Wirral Transport Museum in Taylor Street.
    This, should be happening later this month, but no definate date has been given yet.
    There are lots of stories floating about…..but paople should wait and see what happens before commenting…..!!!

  2. Hello,

    Thank You for correcting me about the incorrrect information. This has now been changed and hopefully this deal will go ahead as it will be a great home for some Blackpool Trams.

    Blackpool Tram Photos

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