Posted by: SB Websites | May 27, 2010

27/05/10 News Update

New Blackpool Zoo Advert

Balloon 711 is thought to be entering the paint shop shortly prior to receiving an advert for Blackpool Zoo. Although this will be an all over advert the tram is not expected to be repainted.

Remains of 722 Scraped

After months of the remains of Balloon 722 standing around the depot it has finally been scrapped making it only the second Balloon ever scrapped.

Trams to Fleetwood?

Although repairs to the Fleetwood end of the tramway are still happening the tram service is expected to commence shortly. Nothing has yet been confermed however a date of around mid June is when the tramway looks like it may restart.

Below shows which trams were in service on the 22nd May:

Cleveleys Service – 642, 645, 646, 647, 648

Specials – 602, 604, 641, 761, 762

The highlight of the day was probably the use of Boats 602 and 604 which both came out togeather just before 2pm.


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