Posted by: SB Websites | June 20, 2010

20/06/10 News Update

Norbreck Platforms Finished

The first of the new raised platforms was finished last week with the tarmac being layed. By 2012 all stops will have the raised platform with more expected to start soon. Judging by the way the platforms are currently being layed, the Bispham area is being done  first with the Blackpool promenade area not expected to be done by at least another year although this is not official.

765 Arrives, 619 Departs

The 15th June saw the first tram, Manchester 765, arrive for the 125th Anniversary of the tramway. As the tram has arrived so early it is thought that it will be in service regularly before the main event takes place. Heading the other way to Heaton Park was replica Vangaurd 619. As 619 is thought to remain at Heaton Park until the end of year there is many rumours suggesting that 619 could stay for much longer. Due to 619 not being required after 2012 and the Heaton Park Tramway looking for new trams for their expansion this is certainly possible but the future of 619 is still in debate.


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