Posted by: SB Websites | June 28, 2010

28/06/10 News Update

632 Finished

After six years in storage Brush 632 is once more operational and now has Trams Magazine / Videoscene adverts in it’s roof boxes. The first day out was on the 26th June which saw the tram 0n enthusiast shuttles between Pleasure Beach and Bispham alongside Coronation 304, also owned by the Lancastrian Transport Trust.

719 Repainted

In a base colour for a new advertising livery 719 is now all over black which is thought to be for a new Pleasure Beach advert. As 721 is no longer serviceable 719 may be painted into a very similar livery.

FTS Advert

Standard 147 now has a small strip between it’s decks advertising the Fylde Tramway Society for the tramways 125th Anniversary in September. This has been applied very neatly and blends in very well with 147s Green and Cream.



  1. To ma44hew,

    I was wondering can u send me the link for the new Blackpool Buses fleet on the Lolyne?


  2. Hello,

    This experimental livery is not yet finished although this photo shows the base colours. Red and Silver Rear are what I heard is to be applied as well as a new logo.

    • To ma44hew,

      Thanks for the link, looks nice can’t wait to see the finished design.


  3. Although Trident 341 is still in early stages of repaint It looks like it has the potential to have a good looking livery if decent vinyls are applied. I have also heard that Excel 214 is now having the livery applied.

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