Posted by: SB Websites | August 17, 2010

17/08/10 News Update

Twins to Return

Twin Cars 671+681 and 673+683 are set to return this year to be regulars on Fleetwood service. The problem came with the modified Balloons not being able to be completed with the collapse of the contracted company which left 700, 713 and 718 with no centre doors and panels missing. As this left a shortage of double deckers available for service Twins 672+682 and 675+685 were to be regulars on Fleetwood service leaving no high-capacity reserves available. It was then chosen that 671+681 and 673+683 would return as reserves. Although they have not yet returned to service, 671+681 has been noted on tests making their return look promising.

Balloon 715 also to Return

LTT owned 715 is another to return with it entering the works on August 11th. The tram is to receive a variant of Green and Cream and work a similar way to the LTT’s  Brush 632.

626 to Birkenhead

The Merseytravel Tramway Preservation Society state in their Newsletter that they have now purchased Brush 626 and hope to move it to their premises either late 2011 or early 2012. Rather bizarrely though, talks are to send it for refurbishment even though it is in good condition. All will be reviled in the coming years.

Oporto 273 at Blackpool

The second of the trams to arrive for the 125th Anniversary was Oporto 273 from Crich Tramway Village. As per 765, these trams are unlikely to operate much or at all before the event in passenger service although 765 has at least been out on a test run.


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