Posted by: SB Websites | September 8, 2010

08/09/10 News Update

Transponders for 632

An unusual move by Blackpool Transport sees heritage Brush 632 receive transponders. It is believed that this is to replace 626 in the main operational fleet as it can now be used over the whole tramway and on timetabled service if required.

2 and 167 Arrive

Rack 2 and Pantograph 167 are more of the heritage trams that have arrived in Blackpool to take part in the 125th Anniversary. The move happened on the 2nd of September with both trams expected to stay until October,

…..And 762 Arrives

Shortly followed by 2 and 167 is Liverpool 762 which arrived from Birkinhead on the 6th of September. Although these trams have not been tested at Blackpool  they are expected to be commissioned for service in the next week.

3 Trams to Miss out in Celebrations

Some unfortunate news from the 125th Anniversary sees 3 trams  not participating during the week. The first of these to be announced is 147 and 279 which have not been completed in time although they will at least be running in Blackpool permanently later this year. The more dramatic news from this story comes from Oporto 273 which arrived later last month. During a driver training run on the 7th September the tram is understood to have derailed on the Pleasure Beach loop with the reason currently unknown. This has therefore made the decision to rule 273 out of the Anniversary due to safety reasons as there will not be enough time left to solve the fault.


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