Posted by: SB Websites | September 28, 2010

28/09/10 Event: 125th Anniversary

The 125th Anniversary Event of Blackpool Trams is now heading towards a close with most events passed by. Although the event may have been a slight disappointment to some with various Crich double deckers not coming due to trees scraping paint work out of Crich and many trams not operating for various reasons the event was incredibly busy and will have given some much-needed business for the tramway

With 6 visiting trams arriving in Blackpool being 2, 31, 167,  273, 762 and 765 on loan all but 273 operated, although now 31, 762 and 765 are all that remain operational. The first problem started with 273 which when operating on a test run derailed at the Pleasure Beach loop causing Blackpool Transport to withdraw 273 from the event. Further problems came soon after which saw 167 have a ceased axel preventing its use while 2 was understood to have a blown motor which also ruled it out of the events. With 3 trams remaining the first tram to appear in public service was 31 on the 25th which saw operation over the entire day and into the first 2 hours of Illuminations. The tram was operating on specials from Pleasure Beach to Bispham. On the next day, 26th 762 and 765 were used between Pleasure Beach and Bispham which proved to be very popular with visitors and enthusiasts.

The first day of general specials was the 25th of September which saw the tramway have many specials out and queues at most tram stops all day. Along with the standard service many interesting and little used cars were used being 632, 671+681, 673+683, 701, 715, 726, 5, 40, 66, 513 and 706. As well as these cars more common 604, 147, various Twin, Balloon, Millenium, Jubile and Centenary Cars operated.

A day later (26th September) saw possibly the highlight of the event – the Depot Open Day. With 10:30 the opening time, a huge queue of enthusiasts were present with the queue not even starting to shorten until midday. On this day visiting cars 762 and 765 were used on specials while all other visiting cars were parked outside the depot for viewing purposes. Aside from the Tramway, the adjacent Bus Depot was full of trade stands and working displays of Tramways while many vintage buses and new Blackpool Transport liveried buses were placed on the Bus Depot Yard. Here are a few photos from the day:

More Photos can be found at Blackpool Tram Photos


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