Posted by: SB Websites | October 3, 2010

03/10/10 News Update

600 Returns

After a complete overhaul Boat 600 has returned to service for the 125th Anniversary, making its first test run on Friday 24th September. As expected the car has received the new front bumper skirt giving a slightly different appearance to the other Boat Cars. One of the main concerns for enthusiasts was the large new box placed in the tower however this has been disguised by the application of “Fylde Tramway Society” disks as before overhaul making the box not noticeable.


680 commences repaint

In preparation for Railcoach 680’s move to Heaton Park it has entered the paint shop and has currently being stripped down of its blue from the “Merrie England Bar” advert. The repaint will be into the cars former livery of plain cream to represent the former towing car livery.

OMO 8 Enters Service

After missing out on the majority of the 125th Anniversary OMO 8 entered service for the final day, the procession on Wednesday 29th September. Although this tram was as such on test as no passengers were allowed on and minor work is to be completed before it can enter the serviceable fleet it was a great surprise to many that the tram was out on the Promenade.

761 Withdrawn?

A huge surprise from the Tramway sees the possibility of Jubilee 761 withdrawn after a not operating since the illuminations began. Throughout this Season the tram has been understood to have serious problems with its electric preventing it from taking power on a number of occasions. With various efforts from Blackpool Transport to repair 761 and it not proving successful the future of 761 is currently unknown.


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