Posted by: SB Websites | October 12, 2010

12/10/10 News Update

Visitors Return Home

The majority of the 125th Anniversary visiting cars have now moved back to their owners with 167 the first to depart for Crich on the 30th September. Shortly followed to Crich was 2 and 273 which both returned to Crich on the 4th October completing the return of the Crich loans. The last car to depart was 762 to its home tramway at Birkinhead which departed on the 6th October after a successful operating loan at Blackpool unlike other cars. Now remaining is 31 from Beamish and 765 from Heaton Park which are to be staying in Blackpool for the remainder of the Season.

Loans Proposed for 2011

Various previously unknown loans of cars is now available which starts with Marton 31 heading to Heaton Park for the Blackpool themed event on the 21st November. Not only is this for the event, 31 is understood to be staying in Heaton Park over the winter before returning to Beamish. In comparison with this move 765 will stay in Blackpool for the Winter before heading on a Spring loan to Beamish next year to take part in the Great North Steam Fair which will be taking place on the 21st to 25th April after the dates were switched with the Power from the Past event.



  1. hi all, as for 7th november final running day,i understand, is any of the older trams due to run, or is it just the normal ones running,just wondering if its worth anoth trip up,from coventry.
    kind regards to all. john

  2. Hello,

    Although I could not say anything for sure I believe some of the Blackpool Vintage Cars will be operating as this is the last day of the illluminations. As for visitors 31 and 765 I dont think they will be used. Although they should still be here it dosent look like they will be used much, if at all as they have not yet been used after the 125th Anniversary. Still though, the likes of 66 and 147 probably will be operating.

    Blackpool Tram Photos

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