Posted by: SB Websites | November 7, 2010

07/11/10 News Update

OMO 8 on the Promenade

The return of OMO 8 to service came on the 4th of November were it worked an Enthusiasts Tour for the owners of the tram (LTT). Two days later on the 6th of November OMO 8 was out once more for the LTT were it faultlessly worked alongside Coronation 304 operating between Pleasure Beach and Bispham as neither tram has been fitted with a transponder.

… And 726 on Tour

Another tour in the closing days of the 2010 Season involved Balloon 726 which worked a Fylde Tramway Society tour of the Illuminations.  This may well turn out to be the last time 726 operates in Blackpool as it is not expected to be retained post 2012 and is a unrefurbished car. On top of this 726 was not initially thought to be operating this year so if the Centre Door Modification cars are allowed back into service for 2011 the chance of 726 operating must be very low, although there is still thought to be a high chance trams fitted with the centre door modifications will not be allowed in service until 2012. All will be revealed next year!

End of 2010 Season

At the time of writing (7th November) the tramway has only hours left until this years Winter closure. With this year not exactly going to plan with a lack of serviceable trams and many visiting trams not being allowed to be operated the year has still been a great success for tram enthusiasts. Aswell as the success of the 125th events with huge queues for the depot open day and overall incredibly high attendance, many factors such as the return of stored Twin and Balloon Cars have helped to make this successful year a year to remember. There is now only one Season left before the Flexity 2’s will be in operation with the upgraded tramway (and the first is to be delivered in June 2011) so there is certainly not long left for the Blackpool Tramway operating with its historic fleet and historic ways.


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