Posted by: SB Websites | November 11, 2010

11/11/10 News Update

31 Moves to Heaton Park

Marton 31 continues its frequent moves at the moment with the car moving to the Heaton Park Tramway at Manchester where it is to be used over the Winter period. After this 31 is to return to its home at Beamish while Leeds 6 will leave Beamish and return to its home at Heaton Park.









Above: 31 at North Pier

680 Repainted

The plain cream livery to represent the former towing car livery has now been completed with 680 back in the tram depot although 680 is not expected to depart for Heaton Park until some time in 2011.

Tramway Upgrade Resumes

With the tramway now finished for the year the upgrade to the tramway has soon resumed with more platforms expected to be added over the Winter. As well as this, excellent progress has already been made in Starr Gate with the majority of trackwork now complete and Fleetwood where track renewal on Lord Street has now been completed (including platforms) and work has now moved onto a new section at North Albert Street.


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