Posted by: SB Websites | January 10, 2011

10/01/11 News Update

700 goes White

The first repaint of the Winter sees Balloon 700 painted out of its heritage 1940s Green and Cream livery and into an all over white base coat. As per 720 it is not known what livery will be applied to these trams although a strong possibility is the Purple and White Blackpool Council livery which appeared on the artist’s impression of the Blackpool Bombardier Flexity 2.

Balloons Change Ownership

A change of ownership occurred in the last couple of weeks with Balloon 704 which had previously been purchased by the Manchester Transport Museum Society (MTMS) and 708 which was previously purchased by the Lancastrian Transport Trust (LTT). These trams have now been swapped with 708 expected to leave for Manchester some time in 2011 where at some point in the future it should be part of the expanding Heaton Park Tramway.  On the other side 704 will depart in 2011 for the LTT’s workshop in Blackpool for what may be a long-term restoration project although this has yet to be confirmed.

New Trams

The first of the Bombadier Flexity 2’s is scheduled to arrive in June with deliveries of the 16 until the end of the year. Testing should begin in the Summer on New South Promenade (Pleasure Beach – Starr Gate) as this section will be reserved for testing the new trams for the whole of 2011.  Also, a model of the Flexity 2 is now on display at the Solaris Centre.








Above: An artists impression of the Flexity 2


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