Posted by: SB Websites | January 22, 2011

22/01/11 News Update

709 Begins Modification

Millennium 709 is the latest tram to have its centre panels stripped for the centre door modifications with this being the first advert car to receive the treatment. It would now seem that as 709 has valid advert livery, all modified Balloons and Millenniums will be allowed back in service for 2011 as most of the track will have been repositioned further apart.

Operating Fleet to Decrease Again for 2011

The transponder system introduced to the tramway last year, is to be introduced at Manchester Square for 2011 which will see all trams requiring a transponder in order to operate. As for many trams, 2011 would be their final year in Blackpool so it would seem wasteful for Blackpool Transport to invest in more transponders as some operational trams such as Twins will pass down their transponders to other reserve or vintage trams. Unfortunately this will mean cars such as 66 and 706 will not be able to run in 2011 although there is still much time for decisions to be changed.

513 to Move to East Anglia Transport Museum

Sheffield 513 has been announced to leave Blackpool in February for the East Anglia Transport Museum. This will be the new operating home for 513 and although owned by Beamish Museum it is said to have a too long wheelbase which causes the track to ware down around the tight Town corner which is why there are no plans to return 513 to its home.








Above: 513 at Harrowside


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