Posted by: SB Websites | February 25, 2011

25/02/11 News Update

Short Tramway at Easter?

The start of the 2011 Season for the tramway is nearing but it is now becoming noticeable that the replacement of trackwork is far behind schedule which could mean a very small section of the tramway will be in operation. As trackwork as only recently reached the Metropole Hotel, the likely Northern Terminus will be North Pier which will be one of the shortest distances the tramway has ever operated.

513 Moves to East Anglia

On the 16th of February Sheffield 513 moved to its new home which is the East Anglia Transport Museum. Test runs for 513 have already commenced which should hopefully see 513 in passenger service soon. Although the East Anglia line is very short, it will no doubt see much more use than at Blackpool after only seeing a few days use every year when at Blackpool.

715 For Fitting With New Equipment

Balloon 715 should see more use this year as it is to be fitted with an inverter and transponder. This will allow the tram to be used throughout the whole tramway if necessary although its repaint is still delayed due to a shortage of trams.

A Small Fleet for 2011

It has now been confirmed that transponders will be required for any trams operating this year as it will be put into operation at Manchester Square which is the only way trams can access the promenade. There are therefore many trams that operated in 2010 that will not be allowed out the depot this year, the expected list is; 5, 8, 40, 66, 143, 304, 602, 604, 660, 671+681, 673+683, 701, 706 and 726. However, there is a twist to this as Blackpool Transport are understood to have two spare sets of inverters and transponders that will be fitted to two of the above trams. As of yet it is unknown, although the likely trams will be 8, 143, 604 and 706 which is two trams too many for the available transponders meaning two of these cars will join the fleet sat in depot all year.









Above: Trams such as 604 that have had frequent outings over the past years ay be forced to stay in depot all year, though 604 and a handful of others will return for 2012 and onwards.


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