Posted by: SB Websites | April 4, 2011

04/04/11 News Update

Testing Continues ….. but very limited

As presumed testing between Foxhall and Pleasure Beach continued with Brush 630 and Illuminated Trawler 737 operating on various dates towards the end of March. However, by 26th of March to date no more testing has been seen which is unusual as trams are usually out on a regular basis for track checks, tram checks and driver familiarization.

Upgrade Update

Track renewal and platform construction is continuing throughout the tramway though the current progress seems as if North Pier will be the Northern terminus at Easter. Below is a quick look at how the upgrade is progressing:









At Gynn Square track has been laid but tarmac is still awaited.









Moving up towards the Cliffs Hotel the platforms are also under construction, but is still a long way from completion.









At Cleveleys the original track has been excavated but no new track have yet to be laid, by the current progress here it could be Summer by the time Trams reach Cleveleys.

For more new photos of the tramway upgrade visit Blackpool Tram Photos


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