Posted by: SB Websites | April 16, 2011

16/04/11 News Update

765 leaves for Beamish

After a Winter of storage in Blackpool, Heaton Parks Manchester car 765 has moved on to Beamish to take part in their Great North Steam Fair. The tram is to remain there throughout the Easter holidays before finally returning to its home at Heaton Park in May.

631 at Starr Gate

Brush 631 has been the first passenger car to make it down to the new Starr Gate depot, albeit not yet carrying passengers.  The date of this was Tuesday 13th of April which saw Engineering car 754 using diesel power to tow 631 down to the new depot to check if the new overhead wires were compatible with pantographs. The whole day went very smoothly, with 631+754 staying at Starr Gate depot over night before returning to Rigby Road next morning. Although the Pleasure Beach to Starr Gate section is almost complete, it will not be until Easter next year where passenger services will commence over the section as it will be reserved for testing the new Bombardier Flexity 2’s this year.

648 gains an advert

Centenary 648 has been the first to gain a new advert livery for the 2011 season which is a Purple and White scheme for Houndshill Shopping Centre. The choice of tram hints that this will only be a one year contract as 648 is due to move to Crich at the end of the year.

713 Completed

The most recent tram to roll out of the body shop is Balloon 713 which has had door pods fitted. As per the rest of the modified trams, 713 has been painted all over white and is likely to be receiving the new White and Purple Blackpool Council livery soon, unless it receives and all over advert livery.

Start of 2011 Season?

Blackpool Transport have been very quiet about the start of the tramway this year with no mention at all on their website. Originally it was thought that the tramway would resume today (16th April) but with nothing said from Blackpool Transport this seems almost definite to not be happening. Aswell as this, there is still much speculation of how long the tramway will be when it resumes as there is still high amounts of work still going on around the Promenade.


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