Posted by: SB Websites | May 8, 2011

08/05/11 News Update

Trams Return to Cabin

The North Pier – Cabin section of the tramway reopened on the 6th of May with trams running every 15 minutes daytime and down to every 30 in the evenings until 22:00. A noticeable gap in the timetable is of 40 minutes from 18:20 at both ends as the 18:40 tram terminates at Rigby Road, which will undoubtably cause problems for passengers travelling around those times. After testing to Cabin on the 5th of May using Centenary 644 and Balloon 723 the first day of passenger service  saw Centenary 646, 647 and 648 in use alongside Jubilee 762 as conductors have now been laid of following the busy Easter Holidays so only one man operated trams can be used.

Work on 143 resumes

After standing incomplete in Rigby Road Depot for around half a year work has resumed on the restoration of Standard 143.  The reason for this was due to Balloon and Millenium door modifications having to take priority which gave no spare time to carry out work on 143. As reported by the LTT’s Standard Car 143 Blog, a kit of body parts has now been delivered which will see final jobs completed such as paneling of end balconies and Staircase Stanchions which have currently been trial fitted.


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