Posted by: SB Websites | May 27, 2011

27/05/11 News Update

Service resumes to Little Bispham

The tram service to Little Bispham resumed on the 27th of May with Centenary and Jubilee Cars making up the service. With the service continuing to be every 15 minutes during the day, 5 trams are required while the evening service is every 30 minutes and only needs 2 trams. The one man operated cars will make up the service from Monday to Friday, with conductors once again employed on weekends which will hopefully see more interesting trams out on specials and service.

Modified Balloons Continue Testing

Door Modified Balloon Cars have again been out for testing purposes, firstly 700 and 713 operating across the tramway to commission the trams on the 21st of May. Moving onto the 25th May 700 was out again and joined by 720 which were testing the new line between Cabin and Little Bispham in preparation for passenger service. Hopefully these trams will debut in service this Bank Holiday weekend where many specials should be out to cope with the higher demand for tramway, none of these modified trams have ever operated recently with 720 last being used in passenger service in 2006 before its major refurbishment.

Millenium 718 receiving an Advert

With door modifications recently being completed on Millenium car 718, it has now been announced that the tram will receive an advert for the new Madame Tussauds Waxworks that opened in Blackpool earlier this year. Hopefully, the advert will be as pleasing as the Waxworks building which is bright red and is an eye-catching spot on the Promenade.

Above: 718 how it was last seen, Blue and Yellow Metro Line 5 livery in 2009.

The Mothballed Line Up

Many withdrawn trams that have been confined to the depot for years have had an outing, though just across the road to Blundell Street. The purpose of the event was to help make the 2012 calendar of trams, in aid of Children with Leukaemia and was organised by Blackpool Transport Employees and Enthusiasts. The trams lined up in the photo shoot were 625, 680, 710, 8, 605 and 708 which were all in various stages from intact to just a shell.  Notable in this line up was 680 which was the first time to see it in its new Cream livery in preparation for its transfer to Heaton Park which should now be at the end of this year. The calendar will be available later in the year.


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