Posted by: SB Websites | June 7, 2011

07/06/11 News Update

Jubilee 762 Rejected

The future of Jubilee 762 is now in doubt after the National Collection at Crich Tramway Village have rejected the tram, even though they had previously agreed to take it.  The reason this has come about is a space problem for the growing collection as Crich had previously launched a new depot appeal which would cope with the various Blackpool Cars that will be arriving late this year or early next. With the unexpectedly high amount of people offering to take withdrawn Trams, hopefully a new owner will be found and 762 will live on.

Balloon 715 returns to use

The LTT owned Balloon car 715 has returned to service after the completion of its long-awaited repaint into 1970s livery.  Although a few minor details are not correct for the time such as the colours used which should be lighter cream and darker green and the fleet number which is of the modern style, the tram certainly looks smart and should be operating alongside other double deckers at weekends and then daily (when available) from July onwards.

710 Emerges Again

A week ago withdrawn Balloon Car 710 was lined up alongside other withdrawn trams on Blundell Street for the Charity Photo Shoot and has once again been on Blundell Street to help promote Tram Sunday which will be Sunday the 17th of July.  To help make the event known, an interviewer from ITV Granada TV was present and were filming the tram inside and out.  Hopefully this publicity for Tram Sunday will make for a successful return of the event.

Starr Gate Completed

The Southern Terminus of the Tramway at Starr Gate has now been completed with the fencing being removed in the last few days. Testing is expected to start almost immediately using existing trams with the first Bombardier Flexity 2’s to be delivered some time this Summer if everything goes to plan.


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