Posted by: SB Websites | June 24, 2011

24/06/11 News Update

Trams for Totally Transport

It is already known that the majority of trams of interest and historic trams will not be running this year due to the transponder issue, however it is still hoped the operational few will make for a good day for the tramway. Blackpool Transport hope to use Standard 147, Boat 600 and Brush 632 though these cannot be guaranteed. This years Totally Transport at New South Promenade will see an assortment of historic vehicles, trade stalls at the rear of the Solaris, over 150 Minis on a Charity event, Model Tramways and the Seafront 12 historic bus service which will be operating every 20 minutes from the Pleasure Beach to Lytham.

707 Completed

Millenium car 707 is the latest to complete the door modifications, making a total of five completed trams. Unlike the other modified cars, 707 still has a current advert for Coral Island and has therefore had its door porches painted black to suit the rest of the tram. Hopefully the advert contract will allow for the tram to be used frequently across the Summer as there has still not yet been any modified trams in passenger service.

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