Posted by: SB Websites | July 10, 2011

09/07/11 News Update

New Liveries for Modified Cars

The first modified tram to receive an advert is Millenium 718 which is for the new Madame Tussauds Waxworks that was previously Louis Tussauds. The scheme is a mix of Red, Purple and Pink with many of the Waxworks displayed. Balloon 720 has also now appeared in its new livery which is for Walls Ice Cream where it will take over the contract from Brush 631 as this tram will be withdrawn at the end of the Season. The third tram to receive a new livery is only changes to the existing one and is Millenium 709 with its Sealife advert having just finished the door modifications. The advert changes see a new “T” side advert for the new Claws exhibition while the door pods have been painted into the blue scheme with the vinyls now applied. Photos of these trams will be when they enter service.

Testing at Starr Gate Continues

The South end of the tramway has now been complete for some time and testing is now becoming a slightly more regular sight. The latest test included Brush 631, Centenary 646 and Balloon 720 which were all used to test the new track around the Starr Gate area on the 5th of July. A notable choice of these trams for testing is Centenary 646 as no Centenary Cars are scheduled to be kept from 2012 onwards so this may well have been the last Centenary to ever travel to Starr Gate.


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