Posted by: SB Websites | July 18, 2011

18/07/11 News Update

710 at Tram Sunday

This years Tram Sunday was on the 17th of July and despite much disappointment of the tramway upgrade not being complete so trams were not able to travel to Fleetwood, a tram still managed to attend! This was Balloon Car 710 which was moving into preservation and was on display from the back of a low loader with the end windows carrying the slogan “Goodbye Blackpool 1934 – 2011” which later moved to off site storage within the Fylde area.

Door Modified Trams Return To Use

The long-awaited return to use of the Door modified trams finally occurred on the 14th of July with Millenium 718 and Balloon 720 in passenger service. Moving forward to the date of tram Sunday (July 16th), this saw the debut date of Millenium 707 in use. Unlike the other trams 707 has not had vinyls applied over its new door pods, so the slogan “The Jewel on the Mile” now appears without an “on”.


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