Posted by: SB Websites | August 2, 2011

02/08/11 News Update

Further Modified Trams in Use

Six modified Balloon and Millenium trams have now returned to use, with the most recent of these being 709 with a revised Sealife advert, 713 in its new Houndshill Shopping Centre advert as with Centenary 648 and the final tram, 700 entering service on the 1st of August. 700 didnt prove too reliable and broke down at Rigby Road around midday but was able to be quickly fixed and remained in use for the rest of the day. Due to the large amount of breakdowns in previous days, only the three modified trams were in use on August 1st. These were Balloons 700 and 720 along with Millenium 707.

Increased Frequency

With the Summer period now underway, Blackpool Transport have taken the decision to add extra scheduled journeys between Pleasure Beach and North Pier to ease overcrowding during this busy period. The new timetable sees trams operating every 7-8 minutes between Pleasure Beach and North Pier, then every 15 minutes up to Bispham. This now means that 8 trams are required for service daily, 5 for the Bispham journeys and 3 for the North Pier journeys which are usually all worked by any of the double deckers.



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