Posted by: SB Websites | August 23, 2011

23/08/11 News Update

Stockport 5 to Heaton Park

Vintage Car Stockport 5 has been a resident at Blackpool since 1996 but has seen very little use throughout this time with usually only a few days out per year. With the Flexity’s becoming even closer and the decision that 5 is not going to be retained left speculation as to where this operational vintage car would go and has recently been announced that it is to move permanently to Heaton Park. The expanding Heaton Park Tramway will undoubtably see 5 used in service lots more than its life in Blackpool with the launch date set for the 28th of August so a move is imminent.

Timtetable Changes Again

A surprise change to the tramway timetable started on the 22nd August making five timetables in use this year already. The new timetable mainly see’s the introduction of night journeys with a 15 minute service operating until around 11pm. Unfortunately though no improvement has been made to the morning journeys with the first departure from Little Bispham at 9:46. It is not clear why Blackpool Transport are not operating an early morning service as in previous years early morning services have been very popular from people heading from North Shore Hotels into Blackpool. The new timetable can be viewed here.

754 Reaches Cleveleys

Engineering Car 754 has become the first tram to reach Cleveleys in 2011 and was being used to check the overhead lines around the area. Although it is still unknown as to when passenger services will begin, all trackwork is complete up to Cleveleys with only minor finishing work required.



  1. Has any further stretches of the track been opened (for example from little bispham to cleveleys) yet? I was in blackpool early september and it was still closed, though was hoping that they may have got the overhead wiring finished up to that point before november?

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately not, the tramway is still only operating from Pleasure Beach to Little Bispham and is all that trams will reach this season. Although the Pleasure Beach to Starr Gate section is complete BTS are opting not to use it, Little Bispham – Cleveleys is complete but has not yet been tested and Cleveleys – Fleetwood is very near completion.


      • thanks! — i emailed blackpool transport and i got the same response – and “The tramway system will close after the last service on Sunday 6 November and when it reopens next Easter it will be operational between Starr Gate and Fleetwood Ferry and be operated by the new low floor Bombardier trams.” which got me worried for a moment thinking that they meant it’d only be operated by the new trams? I’d certainly hope not 😉

      • The Starr Gate – Fleetwood service will be operated by the Bombardier Flexity 2’s though I think it may be possible for a modified Balloon to occasionally appear on the service. This service will be suplemented by a Seasonal Pleasure Beach to Cleveleys service using the modified deckers with the heritage trams (147,600 etc) operating on specials mainly between Pleasure Beach and North Pier.


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