Posted by: SB Websites | August 30, 2011

30/08/11 News Update

First Flexity Arrives!

The long-awaited delivery of a Bombardier Flexity 2 finally came at around 3:10 AM on Sunday August 28th. Despite rumors that the tram would be covered up, it was not but was tucked away in depot by 6 AM so the arrival was still very secret. The tram is expected to carry the fleetnumber 1 and is painted in dark purple which will form the new Council Livery as seen on the artist’s impression, though it seems likely that some may end up in advert liveries depending on how many contracts can be signed. The second tram is also expected to arrive in time for the 8th of September where they will give a run along New South Promenade to invited guests with the remaining 14 trams to be delivered over the winter.

5 Moves to Heaton Park

August 25th saw yet another tram leave Blackpool, this time Stockport 5 bound for the Heaton Park Tramway. Preparation for the tram commenced the following day and it was launched on August 28th carrying the temporary fleetnumber 53 which was the number of the final Stockport tram to run when the tramway closed in 1951. Passengers were immediately given the rare chance (when at Blackpool) to ride the tram which was out alongside Blackpool 7 and Manchester 765 but unfortunately had to return to depot with a minor problem with its brakes, though this should be quickly repaired.


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