Posted by: SB Websites | September 9, 2011

09/09/11 News Update

Flexity 2 Launched!

Many years of speculation and waiting for the future of the Blackpool Tramway was finally unveiled on the 8th of September at the new Starr Gate depot. The Flexity is numbered “001” as was rumored and was joined at the depot by Standard 147 and Western Train 733+734. To shuttle people to the event, 632, 700 and 717 were used from Pleasure Beach to Starr Gate for invited guests who were then to trial the Flexity later in the day where it did two return journeys to Pleasure Beach. The launch moment saw the Flexity emerge from the depot through a cloud of dry ice where its first guests were then invited onboard. As per the concept art, 001 is painted in the Purple and White Blackpool Council Livery which certainly looks very smart and suits the design of the new tram. Flexity 001 will most likely be used on test from now on until Easter 2012 and will be joined by the remaining trams later in the year.

Photo Credit to Cleveleys Flyer

724 Returns to Service

The final tram currently undergoing door modifications has now entered service and is Millenium 724, still carrying its Lyndene Hotel advert. The entrance to service did not go quite as smoothly as the Flexity, with the tram failing and having to return to depot only four hours in.

Service Converted to Single Deck?

In a rather unusual move it appears that Blackpool Transport have converted all daytime services to single deckers. Though this does at last give the Brush Cars some work, Blackpool is now in the busy Illuminations period where trams are busy all day and a single deck output will simply not be able to cope. An interesting move begins to happen between 3:30 and 5 pm where the five Little Bispham journeys are replaced by double deckers, this is undoubtably a good move for the evening service but remains to be seen how many people are now going to be left behind during the day.

Above: 630 finally returned to service on the 8th of September, it is seen here on Illumination specials on the 27th of October 2010.


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