Posted by: SB Websites | September 16, 2011

16/09/11 News Update

660 On The Prom

The first non-transponder tram to operate in 2011 is Coronation 660 which ventured out onto the promenade and down to Starr Gate depot on the 13th of September. It is believed the reason 660 was used was to test the new tram wash at Starr Gate, after competing this 660 then headed back to Rigby Road. As the Manchester Square junction has not yet been activated, it seems that non-transponder fitted trams would have worked perfectly well in the Pleasure Beach – North Pier section which is what they commonly work during the day, however if this was to happen they would still not be able to operate on the Illumination Tours.

607 Commences Overhaul

With the completion of all trams currently undergoing door modifications, space in the fitting shop has allowed for 607 to begin its overhaul prior to heading to the Crich Tramway Village next year. Despite not operating since 2004, the plan is to give 607 a complete overhaul to working order where it will join the large Crich operating fleet.


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