Posted by: SB Websites | October 2, 2011

02/10/11 News Update

641 Withdrawn?

It is now widely thought that the first of the Centenary Class trams has now been withdrawn from service, being 641 which is currently all over orange carrying Blackpool Football Club Slogans. 641 last operated in June this year, and with less than 2 months left of this Season the chances of 641  returning is becoming smaller and due to this it is seen as financially unviable to repair and return to service.

Above: 641 seen at Warley Road on the 7th of April 2010, prior to the application of Blackpool Football Club Slogans which were applied a few weeks later.

Warm Weather Brings in the Crowds

The past week has seen record-breaking temperatures across the UK with Blackpool (for once!) being no exception. This unexpected spell has seen Blackpool very busy, with the tramway also benefiting from a huge increase in revenue. Unfortunately, the main service is still allocated for Single Deckers with this weekend (1st-2nd October) seeing passengers left behind on almost every single journey. Though a few interesting trams were out on Saturday 1st October on daytime specials with these being 147, 600, 672+682 and 724 this amount was still simply not enough to move the crowds.

Above: 632 is seen alongside 645 loading for North Pier with a near full load just from the Pleasure Beach stop on the 1st October 2011.


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