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21/10/11 News Update

Flexity travels to Little Bispham

The first and so far only Flexity 2 to arrive at Blackpool made its first journey to Little Bispham early in the Morning on the 7th of October.  The test run to plan with no problems noticed, although this did have an effect on the early morning departures from Pleasure Beach as the decision was taken by BTS to postpone all service cars until the Flexity was out of the main operating line.

Tower Stop Reinstated

With the tramway upgrade works nearing completion a temporary stop at Tower has been created which has finally improved the situation of no stop in-between North Pier and Central Pier. The stop for North Pier; that was actually in the middle of North Pier and Tower, has remained in the same place making two stops very close to each other. Nevertheless this is a good move from BTS as Tower has always been a much used stop on the line.

Above: 643 seen at the Tower stop on the 24th of October.



  1. The joy of riding Muni

    Aside from mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty’s daughter and tourists riding the cable cars, few Muni riders find much joy in their daily travels on the city’s much-maligned transit system.
    But around noon on Tuesday, Muni delivered a pleasant and smile-inducing surprise to some unsuspecting riders on the J-Church Metro line. Instead of the usual sleek and modern Breda light-rail vehicles that typically ply the route, a handful of lucky riders were picked up by the “boat car,” a 1934 open-air trolley that is used on the F line on sunny summer — OK, mostly fall — days.
    The boat car, which sports a green-and-cream paint job and is festooned with colored lights, comes from Blackpool, England, where it serviced a seaside resort. The historic streetcars routinely pick up passengers along the J line as they head into F-line service but the boat car doesn’t run as often as the others because it requires extra operators — and sunny weather.
    On Tuesday, as the boat car headed toward Market Street to start service, it carried a bunch of Municipal Transportation Agency and other city officials on their way back downtown after a ceremony renaming the Muni yard that houses the historic cars after deceased MTA director Cameron Beach, who was actively involved with the historic streetcars.
    But as the car headed down San Jose Avenue, it stopped to pick up a couple of surprised riders at a stop then another on Church Street and a few more down the street,and more near Dolores Park. Along the way, people called out to the passing streetcar, waving and pointing. On board, passengers took photos, and laughed and smiled.
    “Hey, I’m riding in this funky open air streetcar with Christmas lights,” one passenger shouted into his cell phone.
    Another rider said the trip was so enjoyable that she extended her journey a few stops. She thanked the operator as she disembarked from the boat car.
    “That was fun!” she exclaimed.
    How often do you hear that on Muni?

    • Thanks for sharing that, Ive always been interested in the Market Street Railway! It’s good too see the Boat car in operation and the fleet rapidly increasing with the refurbishment programme of the PCC trams.

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