Posted by: SB Websites | October 30, 2011

30/10/11 News Update

Future of LTT Trams?

There has recently been much doubt over the future of the Lancastrian Transport Trusts fleet of historic Blackpool Trams as Blackpool Transport have confirmed all trams must have left Rigby Road by November 2011, which also applies to everyone who has purchased trams. With the LTT premises too small to fit all the trams, the LTT is currently working with Blackpool Council to try to find some temporary storage for the trams otherwise they face the chance of being scrapped. The majority of the LTT trams seem to no longer be part of the tramway upgrade even though many are perfectly serviceable and was initially thought some would be kept operational.

There is also now much doubt as to what is going to happen to Standard 143 which has made little to no progress at all since this photo on the 26th of September 2010.

Fleetwood Tram Museum becomes a step closer

Although things are not currently looking good for the LTT, the “Friends of Fleetwood Trams” have unveiled their plans to open the museum in the future. The location of the museum looks to be the former tram depot at Copse Road in Fleetwood which is very in keeping with the theme of the museum (trams!) but is also in the centre so should be popular to passing visitors. Although the exact trams have not yet been confirmed, the current line up of trams that could be heading to the museum are Brush Cars 621 and 627, Centenary 641 and 646, Railcoach 678, Balloon 710 and Jubilee 761.


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