Posted by: SB Websites | November 12, 2011

12/11/11 News Update

Jubilee 762 Departs and Cardiff 131 Arrives

The first tram to depart after the finish of the 2011 Tram service is Jubilee 762 to Crich. As the Crich tramway has now closed for the remainder of the year, 762 will not be carrying passengers for some time yet and if all tests are successful it should enter service next year, with the first date being the 11th of February. An unexpected temporary transfer to Blackpool is Cardiff Water Car 131 which has arrived prior to the departure of 762. The reason for this arrival is to help out with rail cleaning, so for the first time in many years 131 is being used for engineering duties rather than for historic purposes.

131 seen in 2010 during its visit to Beamish, it is currently sharing Starr Gate Depot with Flexity 001.

Acquisition Changes from Crich

It was previously thought that Jubilee 762 was the tram rejected by Crich, though this has since changed to Twin 672+682 and Centenary 648. The reason for this is due to an already full depot with not enough space to store a large amount of additional trams and the cost of extending the depot was deemed to be too expensive. The future of these trams are now once again unknown as to whether any of the Twin and Centenary Cars will ever make it into operational preservation. As 648 has heritage credentials by receiving the traditional end styling the tram may still survive, but its future is once again unknown.

630 Repainting in Progress

Another acquisition by Crich is of Brush Car 630 which is currently being painted into a version of green and cream, where it will also join the operational fleet in 2012. 630 is currently in the body shop alongside another of their new trams; Boat 607, which is currently  stripped with only the bare frame left intact and should also be completed for next year.


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