Posted by: SB Websites | November 20, 2011

20/11/11 News Update

Second Flexity Arrives

The second Flexity 2 has now arrived nearly 3 months after Flexity 001, with deliveries originally expected to be every three weeks. This delivery is of 004, since 002 and 003 have been undergoing various tests before being delivered to Blackpool so have been delayed and are therefore not due to be delivered next. Hopefully there are more Flexity’s awaiting delivery with deliveries currently behind schedule, the next in is scheduled to be 005.

More Trams on the Move

With Blackpool Transport setting a deadline of November for all buyers having to remove their trams from the depot, many trams are starting to move to their new homes. On the 17th of November Jubilee 761 and Balloon 726 both departed for Fleetwood and are currently stored next to Balloon 710, which are all awaiting their future in the Fleetwood Transport Museum.

Trams at Fleetwood

With the 2011 season seeing no Cleveleys or Fleetwood service, trams are once again a common sight over this stretch of track now that the tramway has closed! This is due to testing of the track in preparation for the 10 minute Fleetwood service in Easter 2012 with testing over this section so far including 001, 631 and 648. With the choice of 648 for testing and after being rejected by Crich, it now seems a slight possibility that 648 could stay in Blackpool to be used as a reserve car which is also the future role of 631.


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