Posted by: SB Websites | December 18, 2011

18/12/11 News Update

Rigby Road Clears Out

The amount of trams stored at Rigby Road is now rapidly decreasing, with many trams now leaving for their new homes. This weeks departures started off with 678 leaving for an emerging line of Friends of Fleetwood Trams on the 14th of December and was pushed onto the low loader by Balloon 715, which has recently been used for many shunting duties. Next to leave, on the 15th of December was Brush 621 and then 627 on the 16th, which moved to Kirkham Prision to receive minor restoration by the prison inmates. When the Copse Road Museum opens, they will be joined by the rest of the Friends of Fleetwood Trams Collection within the museum.

Photos Thanks to BlackpoolTrams

Brush 630 Repainted

Crich Tramway Museum is the final destination for Brush 630 where it will join the main service fleet, prior to this 630 has been repainted into 1990’s green and cream which has now been completed. 630 previously carried an advert for Karting 2000 at South Pier.

Flexity 002 Arrives

The pace of Flexity 2 deliveries are now starting to pick up pace, with 002 being the fourth delivery. As per 004 and 005 the tram carries the basis of the new livery with a white body and purple cab ends.


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