Posted by: SB Websites | February 5, 2012

05/02/12 News Update

Three More Trams Arrive

This week has seen the arrival of two more Flexity 2’s which brings the current total to 6. The 2nd of February saw the arrival of 006 which was swiftly offloaded and shunted into the depot and was followed two days later by 003 which had been at Bombardiers Derby depot for around a month. The third tram (If you can call it a tram!) is not of a Flexity and is the new Starr Gate depot shunter. Named the ‘Crab 1500 E’ this is a small battery-powered, remote control device that despite its size is powerful enough to shunt trams around the depot. It’s not known exactly how long this has been at Starr Gate, but its first day in use was to pull 006 into the depot on the 2nd of February.

Above: Flexity 006 is seen being shunted into Starr Gate depot by the new ‘Crab 1500 E’ shortly after being offloaded. Photo Thanks to BlackpoolTrams

Future of Brush 630?

The Tramway Museum Society at Crich have recently released a statement suggesting that Brush 630 will eventually be used as a source of spare parts for 298 which is currently stored at Crich. There have been rumours for a while that 630 is to be only a temporary addition to the Crich fleet, but is disappointing to see that a popular fully functional tram will simply be scrapped. No date has yet been set for this and will not happen within the next few years, so at least 630 can be enjoyed as an operational tram for now.

Autumn and Winter 2011/2012 Poll Reminder

This poll for the most interesting tram during the Autumn and Winter period is coming to an end soon with the closing date on the 29th of February. Currently, Balloon 710 is leading with 34.94% of votes and is closely followed by Flexity 001 with 30.12% of votes so if you would like to vote and currently have not, this can be done by clicking on the link at the top of the page. The winning tram will have an article wrote from when it was new to the current day.



  1. There Seems to be no pedestrian access to and from the southbound platform at the West Drive tram stop.

    • Thanks for spotting this Eric. As per many other locations, they are currently receiving the finishing touches so should be completed soon.


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