Posted by: SB Websites | February 16, 2012

16/02/12 News Update

Update on the Flexity’s

Driver training on the new Flexity 2’s is now happening almost daily with 001 and 002 being the first choice trams and 004 used as back-up. Due to the ongoing upgrade of the tramway, testing is currently confined to the short distance of Tower to Bispham although within the next few weeks the stretch up to Ash Street, Fleetwood is expected to become available. Its should be noted that when the trams are frequently towed back to depot by the ERF recovery vehicle, they usually have not broke down and are required to be towed back as the overhead electric is switched off in areas that are being worked on. Despite this the Flexity’s are not overly reliable with at least three recorded breakdowns by 001 and is understood that 005 is to head out of Blackpool and to Bombardiers Derby depot due to an unknown fault when it arrived, having not yet turned a wheel in Blackpool.

Flexity 001 is seen at North Pier and Tower while on driver training runs on the 14th of February 2012.

637 and 687 Leave Blackpool

Since the last update one more tram to leave is Brush 637, still carrying it’s dated Blackpool Zoo advert and has moved to Knowsley for storage. 637 left on the 6th of February having last operated back in 2004, though its future is seemingly secured with the hope of it one day operating on the Birkenhead tramway. Another tram leaving for Knowsley on the 7th of February was 687 with the trailers future being less so clear due to its poor condition and lack of many parts so it will take a considerable amount of restoration to return to service.

671 back in Blackpool

One of the most surprising moves saw towing car 671 move back to Blackpool where it was previously stored in Knowsley. This move came about after the change of ownership to the LTT so the low loader that dropped off 637 then picked 671 up and took it back to Blundell Street where the tram stayed the night. The next morning, 671 was on the move again and was placed on a near-by concrete yard to await its future.



  1. thanks for all the news – why are they digging all those holes all over the tramway?

    • Glad you enjoy the site Bob, I haven’t looked closely at what they are doing so some places could be doing different work than others. Some areas are having man-hole covers installed and others are having locations for the track transponders installed such as in Cleveleys. Some areas may be doing other jobs, but as far as I am aware these are the main reasons.


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