Posted by: SB Websites | March 2, 2012

02/03/12 Autumn and Winter 2011/2012 Poll Results

The Autumn and Winter 2011/2012 Poll has now came to an end, with the clear winner being Balloon 710, with it being the only tram to attend the 2011 ‘Fleetwood Tram Sunday’ and destined for future life in the Fleetwood Tram Museum. This poll has seen a huge increase in the amount of votes with 101 compared to 35 in the previous poll so thank you to all those who voted. Balloon 710 gained 37 of the 101 votes representing 36.63% with Flexity 001 taking second place with 30 (29.7%) votes. Within the coming weeks an article will be written outlining 710’s past through to its current status today where it sits awaiting its future in an outdoor yard at Fleetwood.

710 is seen at St Chad’s Road while heading southbound to Starr Gate on the 20th of October 2005. Photo Thanks to Wikimedia Commons.

Below are the full results from the poll:

Flexity 001 – 29.7% – 30 Votes

Stockport 5 – 11.88% – 12 Votes

Coronation 660 – 21.78% – 22 Votes

Balloon 710 – 36.63% – 37 Votes – WINNER



  1. OK guys. It just shows that a poorly Balloon on the back of a low loader is still more popular than the new rubbish that no one really wants!

    • It certainly does Kevin, I was quite surprised that 001 didn’t win to be honest. Hopefully these trams will live up to Blackpool Transports hopes though.


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