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04/03/12 News Update

Flexity Deliveries Continue

Since the last update, Flexity’s 007 and 008 have arrived at Blackpool meaning half of the order are now in the resort. 007 arrived on the 17th of February, with the rear side window missing so may have been involved in a light accident during its journey. Moving onto the 2nd of March, this saw the relatively uneventful arrival of 008 which was swiftly unloaded and driven into the depot. Of note, both trams moved under their own power into the depot whereas when 006 arrived the ‘Crab’ was used to shunt.

Rocket to Light Up Again

Following on from years in storage accumulating dust and deteriorating structure, the short term future of Rocket 732 is now known. Cosmetic work will be undertaken to allow the Rocket to be a static exhibit for the 2012 illuminations where it will be placed off tracks. It is not yet known where the Rocket will be placed, but somewhere between Gynn Square and Bispham seem to be the most likely.

Driver Training Extends to Cleveleys

Following on from the short section of tramway being available for driver training (Tower – Bispham), work has now been completed allowing trams to travel as far as Cleveleys. Although this means trams are now guaranteed to travel to Cleveleys by Easter, the clock is ticking for the opening of the Fleetwood stretch as the tramway is scheduled to reopen in just one months time. As well as concerns over the availability of the full distance of track, it is almost definitely known not all the Flexity’s will be available for the start of service. If they are all to be in Blackpool in time, deliveries would have to be two a week and even then this would not allow enough time for testing.

605 Transfers at Beamish

With 605 being owned by the LTT, its future was still unknown to the public last week until it was revealed 605 would be loaned to Beamish Museum where it has already been transferred. 605 will be repainted into 1930’s green and cream which is now hoped to be completed before it enters service for the Great North Steam Fair on the 12th-15th April.

605 is seen at Barton Avenue while on specials on the 31st of May 2009. Photo Thanks to Wikimedia Commons.

Heritage Service Revealed

After the end of the 2011 season it was left unsure as to how the heritage trams would play a part of the new tramway or how often they would operate. Now, all of this has become clear with an April – August service operating every 30 minutes at weekends and every day during the Summer holidays requiring two trams with the service operating Pleasure Beach to Bispham. Once the illuminations have been switched on, the service will instead operate on evenings up-to every 10 minutes on busy days. Although we cannot confirm this, it is strongly rumoured the cost of travelling on these trams will be a £10 day ticket which is considerably more than the standard £4 day ticket (or £3.50 at Travel Centres) so it hoped that the service will be used well and tourists will not be put off by the price. Also of note is the illuminations tours which will instead load at Pleasure Beach and will be incorporated into the new heritage service which is a considerably more convenient location, although undoubtedly many visitors will continue to wait at North Pier.

Boat 602 will be joining the heritage fleet later in the year alongside 600, it is seen at Rigby Road on the 22nd of May 2010 entering service.



  1. Please, please, stop using american spelling in your news items!

    • Where is the American spelling John?

    • rumored for rumoured?

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    • Hi James,

      Great website you have, I especially like your Standard 147 net which is just perfect. Keep up the good work!


      • Thanks is there any requests you would like to make

      • Hi,
        It would be good to see you making the Western Train, although this may be a bit tricky to do.


      • You don’t no till you try i will add it to request slots

  3. American spelling again – traveling for travelling

    • Thanks for spotting this, it’s mainly because the spell check corrects it to American spellings. I’ll try to make sure it dosent happen next time.


  4. if blackpool lose it’s fleetwood cars ..the original trams ….then blackpool will serverly sufer the loss of cusomers…….WHY DISTROY HISTORY .. keep the original trams … get rid of the eyesore new s***….. before it,s too late

    • It is definitely a shame to see the old trams go, but at least a large number are retained in original condition for the heritage tours.


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