Posted by: SB Websites | March 25, 2012

25/03/12 News Update

Flexity Fleet Reaches 11

The deliveries of Bombardier Flexity 2’s has progressed since our last update with the arrival of 009, 010 and 011. The first of these; 009, arrived on the 8th of March and was then followed by 010 on the 16th of March and 011 on the 23rd of March with all being driven into depot under their own power. As per 001, full Blackpool Council branding is now being applied to the fleet with 007 and 008 the first to be noted in full livery.

001 was the only tram to receive branding since it entered service, seen at Tower on the 14th of February 2012.

131 Returns to Crich

The 16th of March was a busy day for the tramway with Cardiff Water Car 131 returning after its spell in Blackpool where it was loaned to help clean the rails. However, it only carried out this duty for two days and has remained in depot ever since, adding interest to the day was the choice to load 131 at Rigby Road depot where it was moved to under its own power from Starr Gate.

2012 Timetable Announced

The first day of trams will be April 4th though will be a disappointment to some with the mainline service to operate only every 20 minutes, although at weekends and school holidays this will be supplemented by the two tram heritage service.  Early mornings and nights will only see a half hourly frequency, though it is pleasing to see the service will once again operate from 5am to past midnight which is a return to the old operating hours that were discontinued in 2008. This means only six trams will be required for the service, although it may be possible that specials will operate using Millennium and Balloon cars on busier days as it was originally envisaged a 5 minute combined frequency would operate from Pleasure Beach to Cleveleys.

627 to go Gold

With 2012 marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the Friends of Fleetwood Trams have decided to repaint Brush 627 into a cream and golden livery. 627 is currently undergoing light restoration work at Kirkham Prison, and as well as Rocket 732 it will be visible to the public for the 2012 Illuminations where it will become a static exhibit.


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