Posted by: SB Websites | April 11, 2012

11/04/12 News Update

Tramway Reopens

The much awaited opening of the tramway finally occurred on the 4th of April, primarily using the new Bombardier Flexity 2 trams on the 20 minute frequency full distance, Starr Gate to Fleetwood service. Loadings appear to be very good with standing passengers on most journeys, though this undoubtedly caused by the low frequency which will be increased on the 1st of July. The quicker journey times of 50 minutes has already proven to be unworkable with late running and short journeys throughout every day with many trams struggling to do the journey in an hour. Hopefully the new timetable on the 1st of July will take into account these timings and increase the end to end journey times.

With Flexity’s now dominating Blackpool’s promenade, 010 is seen on a Southbound journey to Starr Gate, at North Pier on the 10th of April. Currently, Flexity’s 001, 004 – 011 are available for service with all of these now branded except 009. Flexity 002 is also not branded and  is currently restricted to testing and driver training while 003 has not been noted out of the depot since the service has resumed.

Unfortunately the new trams don’t seem to be overly reliable with break downs and faults on trams occurring throughout each day. Here, 009 is seen having failed on the bend into Starr Gate terminus where after a delay of approximately 15 minutes, the tram was able to limp back to depot.

The Heritage Service

Heritage Tram tours are also now underway along with the main service, operating every 30 minutes from 09:30 till 16:30 using two trams stopping at just Pleasure Beach, North Pier, Cabin and Bispham. Journeys were relatively lightly loaded with around 10-20 passengers per journey, almost all of which are enthusiasts. The service runs Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays then every day from 14th of July and has used a variety of trams over the first weekend with 40, 66, 147, 706,  717,  F736 and 737 all being used.

On the 9th of April, this saw Frigate F736 in use along with Balloon 717 making its first appearance of the year.



  1. No mention of the derailment on the launch day!

    • I would have mentioned it if I was there, but as I wasnt I didn’t have any photos of the derailment.


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