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30/04/12 News Update

Flexity Update

Flexity’s 009 and 012 have now been branded along with the rest of the fleet with 012 entering service earlier in the week, this leaves 002 in plain white with purple cab ends as it is thought to be heading back to Germany to undergo repairs having never entered passenger service. The latest Flexity to be delivered is of 013 on the 27th of April. The delivery of this tram did not go exactly to plan with it being stopped by the police the day before after being one metre too long to travel on the roads during the day so was forced to stay overnight in a Yorkshire service station and depart at 9pm when there was less traffic on the roads.

Tram 009 is the only unbranded tram so far to operate in passenger service, seen approaching the Pleasure Beach stop on the 9th of April 2012.

Boats on the Move

With the completion of Boat 607; now once again known at 236, the tram transferred to the Crich Tramway Village on the 23rd of April. The tram will form part of the operational fleet and will hopefully be prepared for use soon which will undoubtedly be a star attraction for the Summer season. In Blackpool, Boat 604 has transferred to the paint shop and is to be prepared for use in the heritage fleet though it is not yet clear as to whether this is a replacement for 602 or if both Boats are to stay in Blackpool.

NEETT Announce Their Plans

A quiet organisation that has acquired Blackpool Trams is of the North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust. The first of their trams was of Balloon 721 which has already departed for storage and is soon to by joined by Centenary 647 and Twin set 674+684. In the long term future the trust hope to construct a small operating tramway using these trams along with their other collection which includes Graz 210 and Budapest 2576+2577, though both of these will require a large amount of restoration work before they can once again carry passengers.

143 Moves to Brinwell Road

The Lancastrian Transport Trust has taken the decision to move Standard 143 back to their Brinwell Road premises to allow for restoration work to be completed. Originally intended to enter service for the September 2010 ‘125th Anniversary of Blackpool Trams’, the deadline was missed and the tram has remained very much untouched in the depot ever since. At this stage the future is unknown, though is seemingly unlikely that it will once again operate on the Blackpool Promenade.

143 is seen on the 26th of September 2010 on the only day where it was visible to the public as it was shunted to the front of the depot on the open day.

2011…The End of the Twin Car

It was originally of much disappointment to enthusiasts that the life of Twin Cars had finished after 672+682 returned to depot on the final day. However, it has been announced that 672+682 will form part of the heritage fleet and is currently in the paint shop in preparation for a return to service. As well as this, 675+685 are also to be retained as part of the reserve fleet so may be in operation during the illuminations period to ease capacity.



  1. Blackpool was always special for its trams.We looked forward to going and watching them clank up and down the front of Blackpools prom.Now! Its just a service like any other transport service.WHO EVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THISAS PUT ANOTHER NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF ENGLANDS BEST SEASIDE PLACE.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Sorry for the delay in response. It is a shame that the historic trams are not in mainline service anymore, but remember Blackpool is not a historic tramway so never had the purpose of preserving historic trams. With the heritage tours in place, there is the chance to sample every type of tram that was in operation last year (except a Jubilee car) and Blackpool Transport could have decided to dispose of all these trams.


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