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01/05/12 Spring and Summer 2012 Poll

The Spring and Summer 2012 poll is now available below. It is for the tram which has been the most interesting during the past 6 months, with an article being written about the winner later in the year.

Why were the trams nominated?

Flexity 006 – On what was a remarkable first day, this tram made the news for the wrong reasons on the very first day where it derailed at Fleetwod Ferry on the first passenger service of 2012. It has since been a regular performer on the tramway and has been one of the more reliable members of the fleet.

Cardiff 131 – Enthusiasts knew about the arrival of new Flexity’s, but many of which were surprised to see the arrival of Cardiff Water car 131 from the Crich Tramway Village in November 2011. The purpose of this was to grind the rails, though this duty was only carried out for two days and since returned to Crich on the 16th of March.

Boat 605 – With its future unknown, it was only revealed to the public late February that Lancastrian Transport Trust’s 605 would transfer to Beamish Museum and has already entered service. Having not been used since 2009, a quick but perfect repaint into 1930’s livery allowed the tram to be launched into service for the annual Great North Steam Fair.

Balloon 713 – So far this year, 713 has seen the most use of all historic trams having operated over many days on the standard service. It has performed well with a journey to Fleetwood being made making this tram the first non – Flexity to reach the ferry since the tramway upgrade, after the failed attempt of 724.



  1. i can’t see the flexitys lasting for 70 years in normal passenger service balloons are the best and always will be

    • I do agree it will be hard to last as long as the Balloons, especially if the salt washed up from the Sea will impact the Flexity’s. I do hope their reliability will improve, although for a new type of tram teething problems will always be expected.


  2. for god’s sake please don’t lose the original tramcars…..ever since i was a new born me like millions of others have grown to love them…..personaly i think these new ones are a mistake…….i beg you PLEASE keep the original trams……….blackpool would not be blackpool without them…

    • I do see your point, but it is good to see that there are examples of most tram classes in the heritage fleet as Blackpool Transport could have simply removed all heritage trams from the network.


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