Posted by: SB Websites | May 20, 2012

20/05/12 News Update

One arrives, One departs

The 11th of May saw the 14th Flexity arrive in the form of 014 which was swiftly offloaded and driven under its own power into the depot. However, this was not the low loader’s only duty as the return journey was used to transport 002 back to Germany where it was loaded and then left the next morning. It has never been totally clear what exactly is wrong with the tram but was still able to be used for driver training and was also known to make the odd appearance on passenger service. Both 013 and 014 entered service on the 18th of May in full branding.

Flexity 002 is seen at North Pier on the 10th of April while on driver training duties.

Adverts Transferring to Buses

Throughout the last two months there has been three adverts applied to Blackpool Transports buses, with all three East Lancs Millenniums allocated to promenade service 1. These consist of Madame Tussauds, Blackpool Dungeons and Blackpool Tower which highlights the question as to if adverts are being applied to buses instead of trams for 2012. If this was to be true, this may mean that the usage of the modified Balloon cars will be much less than originally expected, although this will become clearer by the 1st of July when the 10 minute frequency is introduced.

Madame Tussauds liveried 718 is one of the adverts transferred to a bus, while the tram debuted in service for 2012 on the 18th of May just a few days after the liveried bus entered service.

Heritage Tour Ticket Changes

Changes to the heritage tour tickets have been made to try and appeal to more tourists as currently enthusiasts make up the vast number of passengers. This now means an adult single ticket is available for £5 which consists of a return journey from Pleasure Beach to Little Bispham and is just £2.50 for children. There is also a concessionary day ticket available for £5 so is hoped these changes will attract more tourists to use the service, with numbers slowly creeping up since its introduction earlier in the year.



  1. hi
    please can you introduce wifi signals on the new trams for laptops
    can u make radio signals better on the tram.
    can you change the cushions on the tram to the cushions used on the no1 buses.
    can you start weekly pass for my dog.

    daily traveller

    • Hi,
      We are an unofficial Blackpool Tram website, you need to contact Blackpool Transport on these. In answer to your questions though, there are no plans to introduce wifi signals at tram stops and the seats used on the number 1 buses are incompatible with the trams.


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