Posted by: SB Websites | June 25, 2012

25/06/12 News Update

Final Flexity Arrives

The final Flexity in the form of 016 arrived today (25th May 2012) and was swiftly offloaded and driven into depot, although this is not the final Flexity to be delivered as 002 is currently away with repairs being carried out. Unlike the rest of the class, 016 has already had the Blackpool Council vinyls applied so only requires commissioning before it enters service where the Flexity’s will see much more frequent use after the 10 minute frequency service has been introduced on the 1st of July.

Standard 147 carries the Olympic Torch

With the Olympic Torch on its journey throughout the country, it was time for the Blackpool Tramway to play its part in the possession on the 21st of June. Just before 5pm, 147 carried the flame in a lantern from Fisherman’s Walk to West Drive where the flame was once again transferred to a torch bearer. The original plan for the torch was to use Boat 600, but with heavy rain all day the decision was made to use 147.

Adverts on Flexity’s

It was widely believed that at present Flexity’s would not be carrying adverts, with adverts restricted to the Balloon/Millennium fleet and the introduction of adverts on buses. However, within the space of 3 weeks four trams have received the new style of advert which consists of a band across the top of the tram and the centre segment. The first tram to receive an advert was 011 for Redrow Homes while Pleasure Beach has taken three trams. The first of these is 006 for the Ice Skating Arena, with this shortly followed by 005 for the Big Blue Hotel and 014 in a generic Pleasure Beach advert with an image of the Big One roller coaster.

011 is seen wearing its new Redrow Homes advert at South Pier on the 24th of June 2012.

604 and 648 Return to Service

The two latest members of the historic tram fleet have now returned to service with Boat 604 the first, now reverted to its original number of 230. It was unveiled on the 9th of July at 2:00 at North Pier where the fleet number and name plates of George Fornby OBE were uncovered with members of the society then transported to the Imperial Hotel. On the return journey, holders of historic tram tickets were able to sample the tram on its return to depot. 230 was then used on the heritage tour on the 10th of June initially alongside 648 but due to a controller failure it was swapped over for Boat 600. This was also the first day back for 648 which should be a regular on heritage tours over the summer.


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