Posted by: SB Websites | June 26, 2012

26/06/12 Event: Totally Transport 2012

The annual Totally Transport event on New South Promenade was held on the 24th of June. Although due to the poor weather the event was slightly smaller than last year, it still saw the regular tramway models, car owners clubs and buses attend the event. As per all weekends, a heritage tram service operated initially consisting of the Western Train 733+734 and the Frigate F736. However, after the trains second trip it was sent back to depot with a faulty trolley pole which dewired first at Bispham and then at Little Bispham. In replacement, Princess Alice 706 was used  which was a brave choice baring in mind the weather and appeared to be the more popular of the two trams out. Below are some photos from the day:

A new bus service was launched on the Blackpool Promenade earlier in June competing with the Line 1 and the tramway. The service 12 is operated by Classic Bus North West mainly with Routemasters although other preserved vehicles also operate. The 12 operates every 15 minutes between Pleasure Beach and Cabin using five vehicles.

More Photos at Northern Transport Photos


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