Posted by: SB Websites | July 16, 2012

16/07/12 News Update

700 Repainted into New Livery

A surprise came to many when news broke that 700 had been repainted into the new standard livery of purple and white, as seen on the Flexity’s. This all came one day before Tram Sunday, which was held on the 15th of July and was displayed for the first time in new livery along with 717 on Pharos Street. There is currently no indication of how often 700 or any of the other Balloon/Millennium trams will be used over the Summer and Illumination period, although with a repaint it would still seem there is a desired role for their future on the tramway.

700 is seen while on display at Tram Sunday on the 15th of July, internally the new illuminated next stop display board can be seen giving a very contrasting appearance of old and new.

Pleasure Beach Keep on Advertising

Adverts are continuing to be applied to the Flexity fleet for the Pleasure Beach, with 015 now advertising Nickelodeon land. Previously, Nickelodeon Land was advertised on Jubilee 762 with a similar colour scheme used for the centre section and the standard Pleasure Beach golden strip across the top of the tram. Flexity 004 now carries an advert for Hot Ice at the Pleasure Beach which was previously advertised on Balloon 721 while 013 now advertises Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Flexity’s 015 and 004 are seen in their new liveries, with 015 departing North Pier and 004 departing Fisherman’s Walk.

10 Minute Service Begins

From the 1st of July, the tramway increased to operate every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 15 minutes on a Sunday. There are now morning short journeys operating between Starr Gate and Cleveleys, which means trams do not leave Fleetwood at a 10 minute frequency until 11:00am. Currently, only Flexity’s have been used on the service but due to the lack of reserves (with 12-13 required) it remains to be seen whether a Balloon car will make it onto the service.

631 Returns to the Promenade

A further boost to the heritage tram tours was made by 631 returning to service on the 8th of July, where it should be a regular throughout the remainder of the year. 631 remains in Walls Ice Cream livery, though a repaint into green and cream may occur sometime in the future.

Further Departures

After a quiet spell of trams leaving Rigby Road depot during the Spring, July has seen a large number transfer to new homes. The first of these moves involved the Rocket (732) which moved to the Illuminations depot near Blackpool Airport on the 9th of July. The Rocket will be cosmetically restored, with the hope that it will be completed in time to be displayed for the 2012 illuminations. A day later on the 10th of July, Centenary 647 was shunted out the depot and was moved to the North East where it will be repainted into a 1920’s style livery which won the livery competition, as seen on the North Eastern Electrical Traction Trusts website. The third tram to depart was motor car 674 on the 12th of July which also went to the North East as part of the NEETT’s fleet and was joined by trailer 684 a day later.



  1. 700 looks amazing i’ve got to do a net of it

    • Hi,
      Yes it would be good for you to do a net, and possibly some of the Flexity adverts since I noticed you haven’t updated with tram nets recently.


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