Posted by: SB Websites | August 29, 2012

29/08/12 News Update

Flexity Adverts Keep on Coming

The new Flexity fleet continue to receive advertising liveries, this time with 010 where one side is for the Grand Theatre and the other for Stanley Park Art Deco Cafe. Although it brings additional variety in appearances to the fleet, these adverts are noticeably less appealing than the Pleasure Beach adverts which have a higher degree of professionalism to them. Shortly after 012 received a single side advert for which is a simple yet effective cream based advert.

Tram Driver Shortages on Heritage Tours

With the tramway in general making an incredibly good start to the year with a frequent and reliable 10 minute service offered and very high passenger numbers, quite possibly the first major setback for the tramway came during the start of the Summer holidays where the heritage tours are scheduled to operate daily. Due to a combination of the Pleasure Beach points being out of use and latterly a shortage of drivers trained to operate the heritage trams many days saw no service at all operated or just one tram out. With just the one tram a £10 day ticket doesn’t offer good value for money and is unlikely to attract many non-enthusiast passengers, though thankfully by mid August the problems seem to have been rectified and a normal service has returned. During the time of the Pleasure Beach points out of use, the crews were employed on Balloon and Millennium trams including 700, 709, 718 and 724 which operated on normal service and each managed journeys through to Fleetwood.

Illumination Display Trams Arrive

On the 14th of July the Rocket was moved to its temporary new home on Gynn Square roundabout as an illuminations display, after being treated to cosmetic restoration by the Illuminations department. New removable lower skirt body panels have been added which were removed to ease transportation and tests have already been made to the lights before it will be seen lit up daily once the illuminations start on the 31st of August. The second display tram arrived at Pleasure Beach turning loop on the 22nd of August in the form of ‘The Queens Diamond Jubilee tram’ Brush car 627. Cosmetic restoration was also carried out on this tram, this time by Kirkham Prison inmates where a very high standard has been achieved of the gold and white livery.  To further aid the appearance, wooden fencing has since been added to protect the tram where it will remain for the duration of the illuminations.


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