Posted by: SB Websites | September 1, 2012

01/09/12 Spring and Summer 2012 Poll Results

The Spring and Summer 2012 tram poll has now came to an end with Balloon car 713 taking victory with 40% of the votes after being the first non Flextiy car to reach Fleetwood Ferry in passenger service since the tramway was upgraded. In total, 95 votes were submitted which saw 38 for Balloon 713 representing 40%, second was Boat 605 with 30 votes (31.58%), third was Flexity 006 with 26 votes (27.37%) and last was Cardiff 131, obtaining just one vote (1.05%). It seems surprising that 131 received just one vote, though perhaps this was because it is not something the public can sample. Shortly an article will be written about Balloon 713 reflecting its history since it was built in 1935 right up until the modern day where it has been modernised for continued use on the tramway. Out of the four polls that have been carried out, Balloon cars have won three highlighting their popularity.

713 is seen on the 5th of September 2011 at Pleasure Beach, departing for Little Bispham which was the limit of the tramway for the 2011 season.

Below are the full results from the poll:

Flexity 006 – 27.37% – 26 Votes

Cardiff 131 – 1.05% – 1 Vote

Boat 605 – 31.58% – 30 Votes

Balloon 713 – 40% – 38 Votes – WINNER



  1. i like 713 because its different and its a nice number

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